Easy to put together, and easy to change sight by removing a section. Good quality and good colours. Like it. Thank you.
Does not take too much space. Easy to use it at home. Sturdy!

Ideal choice for most adults including men and women to have effective exercise


Weighted Hula Hoop | Exercise Hoop | Hula Weighted Hoop

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Shape your body!

Hooping will tighten your hips, tighten your breasts, reduce fat on waist, reduce stomach fat and build core muscle.

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Product Description


  • Material:Plastic
  • Colour: Pink
  • Item Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Outer Material: Foam
  • Item Package Dimensions LWH: 40.6cm x 21.3cm x 8.1cm
  • Package Weight: 1.35 Kilograms

Original price was: $129.Current price is: $99.

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Hooping is the game that you might have played in your childhood. According to the research, hula hooping not only burns calories, reduces fat and builds muscle, it also improves your flexibility and coordination. It’s a full body workout that gets your heart pumping, improves your aerobic health. It even will decrease LDL cholesterol.

Keep a regular hooping routine and you will quickly see the result of improved body shape, better fitness, and the fun from childhood!



This hula hoop is designed for adults and it’s perfect for weight loss for both men and women. Compared to lighter weight regular hula hoops, the 1.2-kg heavy hoop gives you a much more efficient workout, burn more calories and shape your body more quickly!



Our hula hoop is a perfect workout equipment for your home gym. It’s easy to use, easy to put away. This is a fitness equipment that you can use while watching TV, talking to your family or many other home activities.


Want to get fit, lose weight but tired of the boring daily routine workouts? This is an exercize equipment that will shape your body, burn the fat with fun. Start hooping and bring back the joy from childhood!


The thickened foam offers a soft padding when the hoop goes around your waist, gives a gentle massage to your stomach, killing the fat but without hurting your body.


This hula hoop can be used with 7 sections that is 78.7cm and 1 kg, or 8 sections that is 91.4cm and 1.2 kg. It’s good for men and women at different weight levels. And it’s big enough even if you are plus size.

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    Are there different weight options available for Weighted Hula Hoops?

    Yes, Weighted Hula Hoops come in various weights, typically ranging from 1 to 5 pounds, allowing users to select a hoop that suits their fitness level and goals.

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    How does a Hula Weighted Hoop compare to other fitness equipment?

    A Hula Weighted Hoop offers a unique combination of cardio and strength training, making it a fun and effective alternative to traditional fitness equipment like dumbbells and treadmills.

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    What is the durability of a Hula Weighted Hoop?

    The durability of a Hula Weighted Hoop depends on the materials used and how often it is used, but most are designed to withstand regular, intense workouts.

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    What impact does an Exercise Hoop have on flexibility?

    Regular use of an Exercise Hoop can increase flexibility, particularly in the hips and lower back, as the movements involve extensive bending and stretching.

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    Can using a Hula Weighted Hoop reduce stress?

    Yes, using a Hula Weighted Hoop can reduce stress. The rhythmic motion of hooping is meditative and fun, releasing endorphins and reducing overall stress levels.

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    Is a Weighted Hula Hoop suitable for all fitness levels?

    Yes, a Weighted Hula Hoop is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginners should start with a lighter hoop and gradually move to heavier weights as their core strength increases.

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    Can an Exercise Hoop improve my balance and coordination?

    Yes, regular use of an Exercise Hoop improves balance and coordination by enhancing core strength and stability, which are crucial for overall body coordination.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Can using an Exercise Hoop help improve dance skills?

    Yes, using an Exercise Hoop can help improve dance skills by enhancing rhythm, coordination, and fluidity of movement, all of which are essential for dancing.

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    How does a Hula Weighted Hoop enhance cardiovascular fitness?

    A Hula Weighted Hoop enhances cardiovascular fitness by requiring sustained physical effort to maintain the hoop’s motion, which increases heart rate and improves heart health.

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    Can I use a Weighted Hula Hoop if I have back problems?

    If you have back problems, consult with a healthcare provider before using a Weighted Hula Hoop, as the added resistance may not be suitable for all back conditions.

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    How can using a Hula Weighted Hoop improve my posture?

    Using a Hula Weighted Hoop can improve posture by strengthening the core muscles responsible for maintaining upright posture, thus reducing the likelihood of slouching.

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    What are the key features to look for when purchasing a Weighted Hula Hoop?

    Key features include comfortable padding, adjustable weight, and a sturdy construction. Additionally, consider whether the hoop is easily portable or adjustable for various workout intensities.

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    Can an Exercise Hoop be used for Pilates or yoga routines?

    Yes, an Exercise Hoop can be incorporated into Pilates or yoga routines to add a challenging and fun element to traditional exercises, enhancing core engagement and stability.

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    How does using an Exercise Hoop contribute to overall wellness?

    Using an Exercise Hoop contributes to overall wellness by improving physical health through cardiovascular workouts and mental health by providing a fun and enjoyable activity.

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    What materials are Hula Weighted Hoops made from?

    Hula Weighted Hoops are usually made from plastic or foam-covered plastic, providing durability and comfort during workouts, with added weights for resistance.

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    What is a Weighted Hula Hoop and how does it differ from regular hoops?

    A Weighted Hula Hoop is a fitness tool designed to be heavier than a regular hula hoop, providing more resistance and making workouts more challenging and effective.

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    Can an Exercise Hoop help in postpartum recovery?

    Yes, an Exercise Hoop can be beneficial in postpartum recovery, helping new mothers strengthen their core and lower back, but one should consult with a doctor before starting.

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    What safety precautions should I take when using a Weighted Hula Hoop?

    Ensure you have ample space free of obstacles, warm up before starting, and use the hoop on a flat, even surface to avoid injuries.

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    What are the benefits of using a Hula Weighted Hoop?

    Benefits of using a Hula Weighted Hoop include enhanced core strength, improved posture, better coordination, and increased caloric burn, all contributing to overall fitness.

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    Can using an Exercise Hoop help with weight loss?

    Absolutely, using an Exercise Hoop can help with weight loss. Engaging in hoop workouts can burn up to 420 calories per hour, making it an excellent cardio and fat-burning exercise.

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    Can a Weighted Hula Hoop be used by athletes for training?

    Yes, athletes can use a Weighted Hula Hoop for cross-training to improve their core strength, flexibility, and coordination, which are beneficial across various sports.

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    How do I choose the right size for a Weighted Hula Hoop?

    Choose a Weighted Hula Hoop that reaches somewhere between your waist and chest when it’s standing up in front of you. The larger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to use.

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    Are there instructional videos available for learning to use an Exercise Hoop?

    Yes, there are numerous instructional videos available online that provide tutorials on how to effectively use an Exercise Hoop for both beginners and advanced users.

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    Is a Hula Weighted Hoop effective for toning my abdominal muscles?

    Absolutely, a Hula Weighted Hoop is highly effective for toning abdominal muscles, as the added weight increases resistance, making your muscles work harder during each session.

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    How often should I use an Exercise Hoop to see fitness results?

    For the best results, use an Exercise Hoop for at least 10 minutes daily. Consistency is key, and increasing duration and intensity over time will further enhance fitness outcomes.

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    What muscles does a Hula Weighted Hoop target?

    A Hula Weighted Hoop primarily targets the core muscles, including the abdominals and obliques, while also working the hips, thighs, and lower back.

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    How portable is an Exercise Hoop for travel?

    Many Exercise Hoops are designed to be detachable, allowing them to be broken down into smaller pieces and easily transported, making them great for travel.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What are the social benefits of hooping with a Hula Weighted Hoop?

    Hooping with a Hula Weighted Hoop can be a social activity that enhances enjoyment and motivation. Group hooping sessions provide a fun way to interact and stay fit with others.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What is the maximum weight for a Weighted Hula Hoop?

    Weighted Hula Hoops generally go up to about 5 pounds. Heavier hoops provide more resistance, making the workout more challenging but also potentially more rewarding.

Discover the Fun and Fitness Benefits of the Weighted Hula Hoop

Adding a touch of fun to your fitness routine can make all the difference in staying motivated and achieving your goals. One exciting and effective tool that combines enjoyment with fitness is the weighted hula hoop, also known as the exercise hoop or hula weighted hoop. In this blog post, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of incorporating this dynamic piece of equipment into your workouts, how it works, and various exercises you can try with it.

Unleash the Power of the Exercise Hoop

The weighted hula hoop is more than just a nostalgic toy; it’s a versatile fitness tool that offers a wide range of benefits for your body and mind. Here’s why it’s worth adding to your fitness arsenal:

  • Core Strength: The rhythmic motion of hula hooping engages your core muscles, including the abdominals, obliques, and lower back, helping to tone and strengthen your midsection.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Hula hooping gets your heart rate up, providing an effective cardiovascular workout that can help improve endurance and burn calories.
  • Coordination and Balance: Mastering the art of hula hooping requires coordination and balance, making it a fun way to enhance these essential skills.
  • Low-Impact Exercise: Hula hooping is gentle on the joints, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and ages.

How to Use the Weighted Hula Hoop

Using a weighted hula hoop is simple and enjoyable. Here are some exercises you can try:

  1. Basic Waist Hooping: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and spin the hoop around your waist in a continuous motion. Focus on keeping your core engaged and your hips moving.
  2. Arm Hooping: Hold the hoop in front of you with both hands and rotate it around your arms in a circular motion. This exercise targets the arms, shoulders, and upper back.
  3. Leg Hooping: Place the hoop around one ankle and swing your leg side to side to keep the hoop moving. Switch legs to work both sides evenly.
  4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Incorporate intervals of intense hula hooping followed by periods of rest or lower intensity activity to maximize calorie burn and cardiovascular benefits.

Choosing the Right Weighted Hula Hoop

When selecting a weighted hula hoop, consider the following factors:

  • Weight: Choose a hoop that is heavy enough to provide a challenge but light enough to maintain control and rhythm.
  • Size: Opt for a hoop that reaches between your waist and chest when standing upright for optimal effectiveness.
  • Material: Look for a hoop made from durable materials such as plastic or foam that can withstand regular use.


The weighted hula hoop is a versatile and enjoyable fitness tool that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals while having fun. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your core, improve cardiovascular fitness, or simply add some excitement to your workouts, the hula hoop has something to offer. Browse our selection of exercise hoops today and start hula hooping your way to a fitter, happier you!


7 reviews for Weighted Hula Hoop | Exercise Hoop | Hula Weighted Hoop

  1. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    My neighbor brought this hoop to our neighbourhood group that meets every Wednesday.
    She had a challenge and asked us to walk to the garage. She pulled out the hoop and challenged us to try it.
    We did and I was reminded how much I loved hooping when I was younger. I ordered the hoop when I returned home. It’s fun and easier because of the weight. My neighbor and the hoop have motivated me to get back to regular exercise. My neighbor looks wonderful, has recently lost weight and can hoop for half an hour with ease, my first personal challenge.

  2. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Easy to put together, and easy to change sight by removing a section. Good quality and good colours. Like it. Thank you.
    Does not take too much space. Easy to use it at home. Sturdy!

  3. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Good quality and good colours. Like it. Thank you.
    Does not take too much space. Easy to use it at home.

  4. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    While it doesn’t seem heavy whenever you hold it, using it is a whole different beast. It does hurt and you should expect bruises. But I personally love it. The fact that it is a little painful to use means my core is clenched the entire time.

  5. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    I like that it’s easy to assemble and fun to use listening to music!

  6. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Overall I feel better after using the hoop. I haven’t seen a difference and I don’t expect to after 1 week. I feel like it’s helped cardio more than muscle and I was sweating pretty good the first day.

  7. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    I love the idea of this weighted exercise hula hoop to strengthen the core and help with flexibility. The unit breaks down well into a convenient size for travel. This is a great plus.

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