Delivery is very fast. When I use this product, the bag doesn’t scrape my knuckles and hurt my hand. It’s amazing! I highly recommend, deserves a 5-star!

Hitting on the punching bag set helps to strengthen physical fitness, release pressure, enhance self-confidence, suitable for all ages.


Punching Bag | Boxing Bag Set | Heavy Bag

1.2 Meter Unfilled Punching Bag

Original price was: $289.Current price is: $259.

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Constructed with multi-layer construction, each layer has been carefully engineered, 2mm Premium PU Leather, eco-friendly force buffer, high-elastic pearl cotton.

Generates tear-resistant, fast rebound, good hardness balance and hands protective surface.


  • 1 x 1.2m punching bag
  • 1 x 12oz boxing gloves
  • 1 x reflex ball set of 3
  • 1 x jumping rope
  • 1 x rotation 4-pannel
  • 1 x connecting carabiner
  • 1 x punching bag hanger
  • 1 pair boxing hand wraps.
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Original price was: $289.Current price is: $259.

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360° Swivel and Sturdy Hanger

Unique 360° Swivel keeps the bag rebound freely after being hit. Equipped with reinforced bag hanger, 4 expansion bolts and a carabiner, it can hold up to 499KG! Screw up the hanger and start your boxing training!


Advanced 12OZ Gloves

Featured with 10mm thicken high-density foam and pre-curved anatomic hand design, Prorobust advanced 12OZ gloves create the best protection for your hands with shock absorption. Make sure you can hit with confidence!

Unfilled Punching Bag


Method 1: Directly fill the sandbag with used clothes, used quilt, rags, foams, sawdust, sponge, sawdust, cotton wool, etc.

Method 2: For more weight, it is recommended to use a separate bag to put some sand in the middle and put soft stuff around, such as used clothes and used quilt for better punching experience.

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    How do I choose the right filling for my Heavy Bag?

    Choose the filling based on your training; sand makes the bag heavier and harder, while fabric offers more cushioning.

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    What are the health benefits of training with a Heavy Bag?

    Training with a Heavy Bag boosts cardiovascular health, reduces stress, and can burn between 200-500 calories per hour.

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    Do Heavy Bags come in different colors?

    Yes, Heavy Bags are available in a range of colors to match your gym’s decor or personal style preferences.

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    Are Boxing Bag Sets effective for weight loss?

    Yes, training with a Boxing Bag Set is highly effective for weight loss, combining intense physical activity with fun.

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    Is there a difference in setup between different brands of Punching Bags?

    While setup methods can vary, most Punching Bags require a secure mounting from a beam, stand, or ceiling hook, specific to the brand’s design.

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    How much space is needed to install a Boxing Bag Set?

    You’ll need at least a 5×5 foot area with a high ceiling or outdoor space to safely use a Boxing Bag Set.

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    How do I maintain my Boxing Bag Set?

    Maintain your Boxing Bag Set by regularly cleaning it with a mild disinfectant and checking for any rips or loose fittings.

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    How often should a Boxing Bag Set be replaced?

    A Boxing Bag Set should be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on the frequency of use and signs of wear such as tears or deformed padding.

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    Can Punching Bags be used outdoors?

    Yes, Punching Bags can be used outdoors, but ensure they are made with weather-resistant materials to prevent damage from moisture and sun exposure.

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    What is the best surface for mounting a Punching Bag?

    The best surface for mounting a Punching Bag is a reinforced beam or a specialized bag stand designed to support the weight.

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    How does training with a Boxing Bag Set differ from other forms of exercise?

    Training with a Boxing Bag Set is highly dynamic, combining strength, cardio, and coordination in a way that few other exercises can match.

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    What safety precautions should I take with a Heavy Bag?

    Ensure the Heavy Bag is securely installed and always wear protective gear like gloves and wraps to prevent injuries.

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    What is the ideal weight for a Heavy Bag for beginners?

    The ideal weight for a beginner’s Heavy Bag should be approximately half their body weight, providing enough resistance without being overwhelming.

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    How can a Boxing Bag Set improve my fitness?

    Regular use of a Boxing Bag Set enhances cardiovascular health, increases muscle strength, and improves agility and hand-eye coordination.

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    What accessories do I need with my Punching Bag?

    Essential accessories for your Punching Bag include gloves, hand wraps, and a sturdy mount or stand for safe installation.

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    Can Heavy Bags improve mental health?

    Yes, regular workouts with a Heavy Bag can significantly improve mental health by reducing stress and increasing endorphin levels.

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    How do I choose the right Boxing Bag Set for my home gym?

    Consider the size of your space, your training goals, and the type of bag that best suits your fitness level when choosing a Boxing Bag Set.

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    What is the lifespan of a Boxing Bag Set?

    With proper care and maintenance, a Boxing Bag Set can last up to 10 years, even with regular use.

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    Can using a Punching Bag improve my boxing technique?

    Regular practice with a Punching Bag is essential for improving boxing technique, offering a resilient and responsive training partner.

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    What size Heavy Bag should I buy?

    The size of the Heavy Bag should correspond to your training level; adults typically benefit from a bag that’s 4-5 feet in length.

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    Are there different types of Punching Bags for different training purposes?

    Yes, there are various types of Punching Bags including speed bags, heavy bags, and reflex bags, each designed for specific training goals.

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    Can Punching Bags be used for martial arts training?

    Absolutely, Punching Bags are excellent for martial arts training, helping practitioners improve their striking power and technique.

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    What materials are used in a Heavy Bag?

    Heavy Bags are typically filled with materials like sand, grains, and pieces of fabric, enclosed in a durable synthetic or leather shell.

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    What are the benefits of a freestanding Punching Bag?

    Freestanding Punching Bags are versatile, easy to move, and don’t require installation, making them ideal for home gyms.

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    What types of workouts can I do with a Punching Bag?

    You can engage in a variety of workouts with a Punching Bag, including strength training, cardio, and flexibility routines.

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    Can children use a Boxing Bag Set safely?

    Yes, children can use a Boxing Bag Set under supervision, with lighter and smaller bags designed specifically for young users.

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    Can Punching Bags help with self-defense training?

    Yes, Punching Bags are an effective tool for self-defense training, helping users develop power, speed, and technique.

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    How do I prevent injuries when using a Heavy Bag?

    Prevent injuries by using proper form, wearing appropriate gear, and gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts.

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    What's the best way to hang a Boxing Bag Set?

    The best way to hang a Boxing Bag Set is using a heavy-duty chain and swivel assembly to ensure it remains secure and can move freely.

Maximize Your Workout with the Ideal Punching Bag

Adding a punching bag to your home gym can transform your workouts, offering both physical and mental health benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned boxer or just looking to add some cardio and strength training to your routine, finding the right heavy bag or boxing bag set can be a game-changer. This blog will guide you through choosing the perfect punching bag that suits your fitness needs and helps you achieve your workout goals.

Benefits of Training with a Punching Bag

Training with a punching bag is about more than just throwing punches; it encompasses a comprehensive workout that enhances various aspects of fitness:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Regular sessions with a heavy bag can greatly improve your heart health and increase stamina.
  • Strength and Tone: Hitting a punching bag builds power and tones muscles across your arms, chest, back, and legs.
  • Stress Relief: There’s nothing quite like hitting a bag to release tension and reduce stress.
  • Improved Coordination: Working with a boxing bag set sharpens your coordination and agility by practicing your aim and honing your reaction times.

Choosing the Right Punching Bag

Selecting the right punching bag involves several factors, from the bag’s type and size to its material and how it fits into your training space.

Type of Punching Bag

Different types of bags provide different benefits, and choosing the right one depends on your specific training requirements:

  • Heavy Bags: These are ideal for building strength and improving power. A typical heavy bag is long, allowing for a variety of punches and kicks.
  • Speed Bags: Smaller and lighter, speed bags help improve hand-eye coordination, speed, and rhythm.
  • Freestanding Bags: A good option for those who don’t want to hang a bag from the ceiling. Freestanding bags are easy to set up and move around, making them versatile for any space.
  • Double-End Bags: These are attached at both top and bottom, providing a fixed rebounding target for practicing accuracy and reflexes.

Material and Quality

The durability of your punching bag depends heavily on the material it’s made of:

  • Leather: Often more expensive, leather bags are durable and offer a more authentic feel. They are preferred in professional settings.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic bags are more affordable and suitable for casual or beginner use. They are easier to maintain and can withstand various environmental conditions if placed outdoors.

Size and Weight

  • Weight: The weight of the bag should correspond to your own weight. A general rule is to choose a bag that is approximately half your body weight. This provides enough resistance without swinging too much.
  • Height: Ensure the bag is appropriate for your height or the types of exercises you plan to perform. Taller bags are better for kicks, while shorter ones are ideal for punching.

Setting Up Your Punching Bag


Decide where you’ll place your bag, considering both the type of bag and the space needed around it to train safely. Ensure the surface is solid and can withstand the impact.


For hanging bags, you’ll need a secure ceiling mount or a stand. Ensure all fixtures are tightly secured to handle the dynamic forces during workouts.

Maintaining Your Punching Bag

Maintaining your boxing bag set is crucial for its longevity:

  • Clean Regularly: Wipe down the bag with appropriate cleaners to prevent material degradation and remove odors.
  • Inspect Mounts and Chains: Regularly check all mounts, chains, and attachment points for wear and tear to ensure safety during use.
  • Rotate the Bag: Rotate your bag periodically to ensure even wear and tear.


Whether you choose a heavy bag, a speed bag, or any other type of boxing bag set, integrating a punching bag into your workout regime can significantly enhance your physical fitness, mental clarity, and overall health. Visit our store today to explore our wide selection of high-quality punching bags designed to meet the needs of both amateur fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Get ready to punch your way to a healthier, stronger you with the perfect punching bag for your home gym.

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    Thanks so much! Kids love it and so do I. Fast delivery & great price!

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    Shipping is very fast. When I use this product, the bag doesn’t scrape my knuckles and hurt my hand. It’s amazing! I highly recommend, deserves a 5-star!

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    great product, punching bag excellent
    gloves good, reflex training balls great.

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    Currently we have it leaning on one of our workout equipment. It’s made of heavy duty quality. It comes with a few other accessories which is great!

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    A must have item in your home gym. great product

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